The Kendra’s Journal Podcast

My brother and I hosted a weekly podcast from January 2013 to April 2022. It is based on the 37 years of journaling our mom did during her lifetime. What we have called “The Journal” during our lives, are the journal entries our mom began when she was 16. At the time she was 8 months pregnant with me. She wrote for most of the next 37 years until her passing in 2011. My brother and I grew up being told that this Journal would be ours someday. She dreamed of doing something with it, imagining a movie or book coming from it. We could certainly see both of those being options while I was growing up but after she passed we wanted something more immediate than that.

Mat and I are both avid podcast listeners. It made perfect sense to use this format as a way to share Mom’s journal. So, we ran an Indegogo campaign in late 2012 to fund the start of our project and released our first episode January 18, 2013. With some gaps, we have released the entire journal in 275 episodes and 9.5 years. We no longer have a site for the podcast so I’ve chosen to share it here with links to the first and five latest episodes. Enjoy!

The First Episode

The Latest Episodes